The Faroe Retreat

21st September 2020
Faroe Islands
4 Days
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The Faroe Retreat – An epic, creative adventure co-hosted by Radek Makar & David Ruff, aimed at semi-advanced and advanced photographers.

The idea behind this retreat is to share knowledge and experience between all the attendees and the hosts. We won’t teach you how to do business. We assume you’re pretty good at it already. However we will fuel your growth through facilitated sessions, knowledge share and guided photoshoots in some of the most epic locations of the islands. Let’s get to know each other, let’s talk, let’s learn together.


When most people think Faroe Islands, they immediately conjure up images of the optical illusion at Lake Sørvágsvatn on Vagar. The grass growing on the roofs of houses in the Saksun settlement, the Mullafossur Waterfall in Gasadalur, and finally the wonderful cliffs and rock formations.

Chances are you will see all or most of the above, potentially from angles different than on postcards. Furthermore you will see places you’ve not heard of or seen before. Add a hint of adventure, awesome suppliers, wedding models and a whole lotta chill and you’ll get The Faroe Retreat.

What’s Included

The Faroe Retreat includes:

Accommodation for 3 nights
Transportation in the Faroe Islands
2 full days of organised activities

Equipment Needed

Cameras & comfortable clothes

Additional Info


The land in the Faroe Islands is private and many places are not designed for massive influx of tourists. Some places are inaccessible and some are accessible after taking a ferry and a steep, muddy hike which makes them difficult for a group of photographers with models wearing wedding dresses.

If you’ve ever been to Iceland or even Scotland you’ll know what I mean by saying that the weather is temperamental. It can change every few minutes, from sun, through fog, to rain that falls sideways. We will have to keep the weather conditions in mind.

Observe, adjust, overcome. That’s our motto for the Faroes.

While we have an itinerary, the locations may change due to visibility and weather conditions. Either way, we can assure you that we will make the most out of the experience and there will be an abundance of opportunities for some great portfolio shots.

The landscape is beautiful and the people are amazing, but the islands are tiny with a huge number of tourists visiting every year, to the point that the islands were closed for maintenance to repair some of the damage. I can’t stress enough that we will be respectful towards the locals and the wildlife.

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