The BFG Workshop

26th April 2019
London, UK
£200 - £250
1 Day
Group of 15
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Equipement Needed:

Yourselves!!! And a notebook!

What’s Included:

Full day of learning, marketing session, lunch and refreshments all day.

Additional Info for the The BFG Workshop for Wedding Photography in London:

The BFG Workshop is now a go! [ B E F * * * I N G G R E A T ]

After weeks of planning, I am proud to announce this workshop to all wedding photographers of all levels and experience. It is going to be a day full of learning and tangible tips to take home and hone your skillset with, and make your business thrive to where you want it to be. This isn’t going to be just a workshop; it will be an interactive and passionate outlook into wedding photography and every aspect of you and your business.

I am also welcoming the amazing Jonny from Develop Coaching & Workshops, who is also an incredible wedding photographer. He will be sharing his expert knowledge on marketing which he gained from over 10 years in marketing and advertising before becoming a professional photographer

Just a few things that will be covered are:

• How to shoot the wedding day efficiently, with a whole load of energy. ( Booking couples even on the job! )
• Why you SHOULDN’T be the wedding photographer, and more the guest.
• How get get your couple’s trust and hyped, so you can make the magic you want.
• Editing – Spending the time makes all the difference.
• Meeting and booking clients.
• Brochure and client pathway, making it do all the work for you.
• When to break the rules.
• Marketing your business for the couples you want to shoot.
• How to make killer portraits every single time that will wow your couples.
• Day to day time savers – Automation, Tech chat and more.

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