Raphael Macek Workshops

7th September 2017
4920 Remouchamps, Belgium
4 Days
Group of 12
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Equipment Needed

  • “Semi professional or professional digital cameras.
  • Lenses of preference with zoom up to 100mm or more.
  • Monopods and Tripods are optional.
  • Laptops to follow the post production techniques and to download images taken in the course.

Participants who own their own portfolios Raphael Macek will do an analysis giving tips and exchanging experiences.”

What’s Included

“The Hotel price is not included on the Workshop”

Additional Info

“These 4 days will be divided in a theoretical part where Raphael Macek will share his experiences and knowledge of a career of more than 15 years, and 3 practical days where students will have several situations to develop a creative look, always allied to the technical part of photography, with the supervision of Raphael Macek and his team.

Ecurie François Mathy https://www.ecuriemathy.com/en/ One of the biggest show jumping trade stable in the world, the Ecurie François Mathy, with its international experience and success, offers you the best horses, regardless of the level of competition and provides you the best infrastructures. We will photograph stallions, foals and mares of all ages in a unique landscape which favor the practice of photography in various situations.

The workshop is limited to 12 participants and they will be able to know the techniques used by Raphael Macek in horse photography, to learn how to compose a good image, lighting techniques (natural and artificial), the horse photography market, main techniques and adjustments, morphology, characteristics of several horse breeds and the practice of photography from the preparation of the animals to the finalization of the images (post production in Photoshop).

During the Workshop all the participants will have the opportunity to explore the local area of Remouchamps and have a great time with Raphael and his team having the best experience from this beautiful city in Belgium.”

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