24th October 2018
Puglia, Italy
4 Days
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What’s Included

“The cost of the Ostuni workshop includes 4 days with our world famous speakers, setup for the sessions of wedding inspiration, make-up and hair stylist for the models. The workshop will be in English, speaking translator available to the participants translate from English to Italian, included in the price.”

Additional Info for Ostuni

“It ‘a project that has as its main purpose, the “Sharing”. We will stay a few days together, in an amazing location, and we will share our experiences our passions our believing. We will listen to what they have to say to the speakers, workflow, marketing and what works best for them. The atmosphere is serene and joyful, we do a lot of activities and certainly will be for all an unforgettable experience.”

For more information you can also visit: http://ostuniworkshop.com

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