Off Camera Flash for Wedding Photographers

23rd October 2019
Heist Bank, North Wharf Road, Paddington, London, UK
1 Day
Group of 10
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Off Camera Flash for Wedding Photographers is a one day all encompassing workshop for wedding photographers who want to learn off camera flash. Starting with the basics and building from the ground up, you’ll learn how to use flash during each part of the wedding day. Later in the day we move to a practical session and live shoot where you’ll be able to put a few techniques into practice and shoot some creative portraits. This isn’t one of those. ‘ I do it like this so you should too’ workshops. This is a ‘Here’s the knowledge, skills and ideas, now go and apply it to your own style’ kind of workshop. For many who attend this workshop it’s a real light bulb moment as the pieces start to fit together. Whilst this workshop is based around flash I’ll go over my whole philosophy, shooting, posing and editing tips and tricks and other nuggets of useful info that I’ve picked up in my 14 years in wedding photography.

What’s Included

Off Camera Flash for Wedding Photographers includes:

Lunch and refreshments.

Learning resources and course notes.

Equipment Needed

Camera and lens.

At least one flash that can be triggered remotely from the camera.

Additional Information

You will learn to:

  • Understand how additional lighting can affect your image in any situation.
  • See light and realise opportunities for creativity.
  • Work out the best ways to use flash in a variety of situations throughout the wedding day.
  • Use a variety of techniques to create interesting portraits that will wow your clients
  • Create a spectacular image in a crappy location

Outline for the day:

  • Flash exposure theory and demo – The basics of exposure when using flash in full manual mode.
  • How I use OCF for each part of the wedding day and which light modifiers to use.
  • Practical demonstration of creative OCF techniques
  • Practice of OCF techniques and shooting a couple.
  • Self-critique and choosing images for competitions and portfolio
  • Creative editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Covered as an online screencast after the workshop using the images we created
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