Northern Italy Advanced Photography Workshop 2019

28th July 2019
Verbania, Italy
8 Days
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What’s Included

Included in this Northern Italy Advanced Photography Workshop:

Accommodation, breakfast & dinner, overland and water transportation, entrance fees, all materials for the exhibition.

Additional Information


A group discussion on each individual’s past work will open the workshop.

This is an important first step in determining what symbols are subconsciously repeated in each body of work and learning to listen to what the photographs may be trying to imply. The workshop’s goal is to broaden your visual vocabulary and develop a clearer understanding of directional intentions.


Each day’s images will be evaluated the following morning with a selection of the photographs that are strong enough to stand alone but designed to become part of a cohesive body of work.

Simply put: this means at the end of the course you will have a well thought out new portfolio with each image complimenting the next.


This will conclude the workshop.

Though the course is structured around learning to develop an intimate relationship with photography in order to continue to grow, it is equally important to step back from time to time.

 A gallery exhibition of a selection of the new work done during the course allows the photographer to literally create a distance and a mental space thereby gaining new perspective and further direction.
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