LEP Photography Workshop

25th February 2019
The White Sparrow, County Road 2412, Quinlan, TX, USA
2 Days
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Equipment Needed

For the LEP Photography Workshop you will need: Your camera, of course! Beyond that, keep it casual and comfortable. Once you register you will receive a detailed email with a suggested packing list!

Additional Info for LEP Photography Workshop


Wedding and portrait photographers who dream of growing their passion into a more professional, profitable, and creatively rewarding business.

This workshop is ideal for photographers who have been in business for 1-3 years. You’re familiar with your camera and you’ve been booking projects… but you’re reaching a point where you need some help building the business side of things.

If you still have questions about attracting the right clients, booking projects consistently, delivering flawless galleries, and establishing yourself as a high-end photography brand… this is the workshop for you! Not to mention: you’ll walk away with gorgeous images to boost your portfolio.

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