The Greatest Adventure Workshop

5th November 2018
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
$850 - $950
4 Days
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What’s Included

Included at The Greatest Adventure Workshop is:

  • 3 nights accomodation in the Jungle Oasis estate
  • All breakfast snacks and meal options
  • Lectures from Andrea Miclea, Savannah Avril, and host Diane Adkisson
  • Portfolio building shoot 1: In- Home style shoot at the Jungle Oasis estate
  • Portfolio building shoot 2: wedding styled shoot by ocean and Mayan ruins
  • An unforgettable experience in new surroundings, creating new friendships, and having a ton of FUN!

Additional Info for The Greatest Adventure Workshop

“The Greatest Adventure Workshop is a passion that came to life with the intention to share knowledge and experience, get you in gear to bring your A-game for your business, learn how to market for destination weddings and elopements,all while speaking to women in the same path as you. This workshop is designed for wedding industry peers who are at least a year in business,and our custom shoots are made for weddings and elopement photographers.

If you’re not a photographer,we got you!! All you need is a desire to learn the best marketing techniques we know and an adventurous heart!

This workshop was made for those who not only want to live it up and captivate these destination clients, but also learn all about you,your why, how to incorporate  a more personal approach to your business so that all that it is, compliments your personality, your taste, your passion.

It’s easy to compare, fall into what is trendy and the same lines and the same look as other wedding industry peers.But this workshop is here to help you find the best parts of yourself that can thrive in a one-of-a kind way for what you do.We want to help you succeed,and we’re ready to pour our hearts out to you and give you the tools you need to get there.”

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