Click & Bloom

23rd March 2019
Taylor, TX, USA
1 Day
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Click and Bloom is a photography workshop in Taylor, Texas.

“Many moms and hobbyist photographers soon find out the “fancy” new DSLR camera they just spent a small fortune on only minimally improves the quality of their photos, unless they really know how to use it and practice a TON! The most common thing I get asked as a photographer is how someone can take better pictures of their family, so I created the ClICK & BLOOM PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP to teach some of my favorite tricks and beginner photography skills in a fun group setting!

I’m a mom to 3 adorable little people and have been married to my amazing husband Jarryd for 10 years. Over the past couple of years I have seen great success in my full-time photography business and have had some of my work already featured nationally. I’ve also had the great privilege of being a mentor and moderator for Pretty Presets where I get to write blogs and teach photography in their Forum and Facebook group. As my love and passion for photography has grown over the years, so has my desire to teach what I’ve learned!”


  • lighting
  • essential camera techniques
  • shooting in manual
  • how to get bokeh (blurry background)
  • my favorite equipment
  • how to compose a shot
  • how to get in the shot with your loved ones
  • and so much more!

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