Radek is a photographer based in Scotland and London. Junebug’s Best of the Best 2019, LOOKSLIKEFILM Best 2019.


People still ask me this question sometimes…

…and with the same excitement I always answer that my photography doesn’t come from a photography course at college, or from my grandad’s love for cameras. It comes from the good ol’ days when I worked at weddings doing just that – magic. That’s where I honed my approach and learned to be everywhere I’m needed before I’m needed.

Being a magician taught me hunting for emotions exposed in those brief moments of excitement when our heart connects with the brain at a trigger of a song or a smell we recognize. It taught me to anticipate moments. It taught me that surprise is better than a warning. It taught me that asking for smiles is not the way to see real happiness. It taught me that true expression of joy comes at an effort and that people often hide in their own shell.

Every day I take photos I’m still that same guy who walks into the room unrecognised and drops something on the floor to get attention instead of announcing myself. I’m a photographer but deep down I’m still an entertainer and a little boy for whom the world is full of wonder. This is why my approach is different.

My Workshops

The Faroe Retreat

The Faroe Retreat - It's NOT a Workshop. An epic, creative adventure co-hosted by Radek Makar &...

21st September 2020
4 Days
United Kingdom
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