“Somewhere along the way I stared photographing weddings for my friends and saw how happy my work made them. Creating non-traditional images of a wedding day was at the same time also surprisingly fulfilling for me.”

My Workshops

Bujaka Photo Camp

"The Bujaka! is not just a traditional workshop. It´s much more than that. It´s unforgettable...

2nd October 2017
5 Days
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Share The Journey

"We’ll focus on important key points to help you boost your business to a new level!"

22nd November 2017
1 Day
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The Rural, wedding photography workshop

The Rural Workshop

"The Rural is open to everybody, but if you shoot super expensive weddings, with a lot of gear and...

5th March 2018
4 Days
€500 - €900
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Islanders, Photo Workshops Global


"Islanders were born as a need of creating an event, where photographers and videographers can...

19th March 2018
3 Days
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The Crossroads Workshop, Photo Workshops_001

The Crossroads Workshop

"The Crossroads Workshop is a place to learn, develop our business, networking with other wedding...

8th May 2018
4 Days
€695 - €735
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Nomada Workshop

"Nomada Workshop, is a workshop specialized in wedding photography, which seeks to feed the restless...

25th November 2018
6 Days
$28,000 MXN
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Reminiscence was born with the need to create a meeting point for photographers who are looking for...

5th February 2020
2 Days
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