Emerging artist, fashion photographer and cinematographer with signature vision. George Stratigis utilizes a contemporary blend of creative documentary and fine art portraiture. From an editorial perspective he is hunting for timeless beauty and human expressions. Featured in multiple fashion magazines and blogs as C-Heads, S Magazine, French Fries, Kodd Magazine, Paramano and more. Through the years, George shot campaigns for many fashion and bridal designers, like Irene Angelopoulos, Sotiris Georgiou, Teti Charitou and many more.

Rather than weddings, George comes from the world of fashion industry, advertising films and experimental visual language. With him, you can discuss the matter of inspiration, the keys of developing your own values, enhance your personal approach and push the intellectual boundaries above expectations. George will focus on expression, aesthetic, contemporary cinematic photography and how to build your fashion-editorial portfolio. You will have the chance to get inspired, explore and captivate the vital energy of human nature, while creating meaningful content that has an impact beyond time.

My Workshops


ALCHIMEIA is the first curated Destination Portfolio Building retreat with Kiss from Fleur and...

13th October 2020
3 Days
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