“I am a family, wedding and portrait photographer who – yes, here comes the cliché – started out in the make-shift darkroom in the basement at home as a teenager! I trained in photography and a large part of my training was in the darkrooms of my university, picking photograph after photograph from the machines or the chemical trays to perfect the desired look. ‘Magenta casts’ will forever be a haunted term for me!!

When I started in digital photography I applied the same techniques I used in the darkroom, experimenting, first with Photoshop and then when I started to use Lightroom I wanted to be able to use it without having to go back to Photoshop. I loved my film days and I still love the film look – I like my digital images to look as fresh and clean as those images I used to produce in the darkroom. I have experimented endlessly for you – picked those metaphorical prints out of my computer screen so that you don’t have to. Honestly – don’t mention it! You are welcome!”

My Workshops

FIX – Lightroom Editing Training

Learn photography software Adobe Lightroom at a deeper level to empower your editing and reclaim...

23rd September 2020
1 Day
United Kingdom
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